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Apr 12, 2022
Just over two years ago, after taking over the content team at IMPACT, I met our sales team. After some banter and verbal sharing, I came to the question that was really on my mind: Pro Course: Virtual Selling Fundamentals "Of the content we are currently producing, how much can you use in the Whatsapp Mobile Number List sales process?" After some heartfelt feedback about the quality of the content we produce and the quality of his research (and a bit of prodding), I finally got the answer I knew was coming: "Yeah, the content produced by your team is out of this world, Liz. So I can confidently say that we use about... 1-2% of it to close deals ." Like I said, I had a feeling it was going to be in the Whatsapp Mobile Number List neighborhood of "zero adjacent," but that didn't stop my stomach from almost hitting the ground. It was kind of like when I knew Han Solo was going to die in Star Wars: The Force Awakens , but I still started sobbing awkwardly in the theater when it happened. FREE Course: The Revenue Team Approach to Sales Enablement Content At that moment, I knew that if we were to receive a rating for sales support content, we would get a big F. And we deserved it. Of course, it's marketers like yours that keep Whatsapp Mobile Number List you up at night, right? No matter how much you ask us for sales enablement content, you end up feeling frustrated, like you're screaming into the void. Instead of content that helps you close deals faster, you see us posting "educational" articles in the name of traffic generation and brand awareness


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